Secure Home Design

Hurt Architecture & Planning, P.A. :: Secure By DesignA secure home is a home designed to be safe and secure against a variety of potential threats. Designing homes to specifically address the need for security and safety requires a proactive approach that anticipates – and then protects – the home’s occupants, resources, structure, and continuity of operations from multiple hazards. To address this growing need in our geographical area, as a specialized service within Hurt Architecture & Planning P.A., Secure By Design offers custom secure home design and consulting to our clients throughout Western North Carolina.

All facilities, including homes, face a certain level of risk associated with various threats. These threats may be the result of natural events, accidents, or intentional acts to cause harm. The first step in designing a secure home is to understand the risks posed by these potential threats.

Custom secure homes are designed to meet each client’s specific security requirements, while also providing for the individual or family’s particular needs and lifestyle. The protection program for secure homes varies, as it is determined by the client’s threat, risk, and asset assessments, as well as their preferences and budget. Some clients opt to include only a few specific secure features within an otherwise typical custom home design, a request which we are always glad to accommodate.

One of the important characteristics most of our clients desire in a secure home is that its outward appearance be indistinguishable from that of a well-designed custom home. Only the owners should have full knowledge of their home’s secure features, functions, and capabilities. Among others, these may include:

  • Safe room(s)
  • Hidden compartments and/or sliding bookcases
  • Concealed vault(s) for firearms and ammunition, and/or precious metals and other valuables
  • Fire-resistant construction
  • Impact or ballistics-resistant walls, windows, and doors
  • Independent water and sewer systems
  • Advanced security systems, CCTV, sensors, and alarms
  • Alternative, “off-grid” energy and sustainability systems
  • Underground blast shelter and storage areas
  • Hidden passages and entrances/exits
  • Vehicle and fuel storage areas and systems

Our clients’ privacy and our complete confidentiality concerning secure designs are always strictly honored. Please contact us to personally discuss your particular secure home design needs.